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"What is now Blenheim Park was formerly the Royal Park of Woodstock Manor. It was given to John Churchill, the first Duke of Marlborough, after he defeated the French in 1704 at the battle of Blindheim (English - Blenheim)
A sum of money was voted by Parliament to build a Palace. The architect for this was Sir John Vanbrugh, and his scheme included the construction of a Grand Bridge across the River Glyme (a small tributary of the River Thames).
Vanbrugh and Sarah, John Churchill's wife, did not agree, and many of their disagreements centred on the Grand Bridge. The original plan was for the Bridge to contain rooms and an arcade at a higher level, however Sarah stopped further work before it was completed. The window openings for the various rooms can still be seen, and there are also entrance doorways, Work on the Bridge ceased in 1712.
When constructed, there was no lake for the Grand Bridge to cross! All it crossed was a small river in an ornamental canal. It was not until 1770 that the celebrated landscape gardener 'Capability' Brown created the lake by damming the river. This created something fitting for the Grand Bridge to cross, but flooded the lower rooms of the Bridge."
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