How About It?

Articles of daily use, we briefly appreciate, and then eagerly discard (sadly, and unnecessarily) contribute to the never ending trash mountains in our landscape.

I have no idea how many cans an average household uses, but I guess, quite a few. The best way of dealing with these by-products of our "civilized" way of life is of course to recycle them.
In Africa, I have seen tin cans pounded to flat plates and then used as roofing. While not most aesthetically appealing to some, it did show ingenuity and right attitude towards recycling and saving our (planet's and personal) resources, and I do respect that.
Here, is "Recycle & Express Yourself" cute idea, from my home state of beautiful North Carolina.
Just imagine fun your kids (and grown ups, too) could have creating the Tin Men Army!
I might be considering adding a lick of paint, and creating a Tin Nutcracker for Christmas.
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