Christmas Inspiration

Christmas decorations need not be expensive to make a great holiday addition to your surroundings. Most effective are home made, unique in design pieces that will trigger special memories for years to come.
Simple, and rustic looking decorations will dress spruces, windows, and other seasonal displays, best.
Use dry fruit, and nuts to make Prune People
Dehydrate Citrus Slices to decorate candles, and trees.
Recycle pieces of felt, to make hanging ornaments (see pictures on the right).
Either stitch them together into stars, and other Xmas-themed shapes, or just cut them into stencils (bottom picture)
Refresh your rooms with Orange Pomanders.
Cranberries are in the season! -use some to make a Cranberry Tree. Use seasonal garden material: twigs, sticks, branches, fruit, foliage, etc, to make wreaths, and garlands that look at home, in your home!
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Rita Crane, daughter of LIFE magazine photographer Ralph Crane. Her work can be seen on Flickr at Rita Crane Photography or on her website., W.D. Williams

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