Lemon Tree (Citrus limon)
Other Names - Lemon
Origins - India, and S.E. Asia.
Type - Perennial (evergreen).
Hardiness (see References, below) - Zones 8, and above.
Bloom - Spring, will repeat throughout Summer.
Fruit - Late Fall, Winter.
Height - Approx. up to 33 ft (10 m), most will grow to half of that height.
Cultivation - Well drained, neutral, or mildly acidic, soils.
Lemon tree likes nice weather; plenty of Sun, no frost, no extreme heat. Water it well in growth season.
Lemon tree will grow in a container, which is handy for Lemon growers in colder climates. Winterize container grown Lemon in rooms with minimum 50F (10C) temperatures. Situate your plant with maximum sunlight exposure.
On dark, gloomy days, give your Lemon a little boost, and place it under a grow light.
Propagation - By cuttings, or by seeds. Seeds from cultivars might not come true to the mother plant..
Other - Handsome looking tree, that comes with attractive, and fragrant blooms. But Lemon's strength goes well beyond its undeniable beauty.
Many parts, inc. leaves, bark,
fruit, and flowers have application in preparation of food, drink, medicinal remedy, and popular body, and house maintenance products.
Olive oil with Lemon juice, applied to your hair regularly, will make it feel soft, and shiny, it will also gently lighten it up.
Beginning your day with a glass of Lemon tonic (simply squeeze some Lemon to a glass of warm water) will help extract toxins, and feverish conditions from liver, pancreas, other internal organs, and also your skin,
making it smooth and healthy, again. Lemon tonic helps to ease stomach acidity, and sooths sore throat, too. If you worry about Lemon's acidity messing up your teeth, just use straw, and drink it promptly, without soaking your teeth in the liquid. Lemon makes great ally in loosing/ keeping body weight at bay. An average fruit has about 20% of dietary fiber, and nearly 140% of Vitamin C, of our average daily requirement for these nutrients (source: Lemons do make our bodies healthier, stronger, and help our immune systems fight off diseases!
Cooking with Lemon juice is a great alternative to cooking with wine, particularly, in the region of Middle East and North Africa.
Lemon specialty products include: Limoncello (Italy), Lemon Curd (Great Britain), Tarte au Citron (France, Benelux), Lemon Meringue Pie (Great Britain), Lemonade (universally popular, across countries, and continents), Pickled Lemons (Morocco), Old Virginia Wassail(USA), Virinia Lemon Marmalade (USA), Chinese Lemon Chicken (China). See more recipes in What's Cooking Section.
Two tips for juicing lemons. To get more juice out of your lemon, either roll it (while pressing) a few times, to loosen it up a bit, or immerse it in hot water, for 10 or so minutes.
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