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While it is true that heavily wooded sites with little or no Sun are hardly appropriate for growing tomatoes, petunias, and lawns, they still can make perfect setting for a garden.

Work with Nature.
There are plenty of plant choices that will simply thrive in these conditions. Rhododendrons, and ferns are prime examples, and so, is the good old moss.

Moss brings tranquility.
Its carpet like, texture looks neat, and feels comfortable.

This month's inspiration comes from Japan. Kyoto garden on the left, beautifully overgrown with moss, blends rather well with part buried stone art work. Sophistication through simplicity. Great inspiration for any gardener.

See HOW TO PROPAGATE MOSS, and express yourself. I am going to try this with some of the concrete sculptures, and containers we have. They definitely could do with a touch of class.
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