Ice Plant (Delosperma cooperi)

Other Names - Iceplant, Trailing Iceplant, Pink Carpet, Cooper's Hardy Ice Plant, Hardy Ice Plant.
Origins - South Africa.
Type - Perennial (evergreen).
Hardiness (see References, below) - Zones 5-9.
Bloom - Spring, Summer, Fall.
Height - 5 in (12 cm).
Cultivation - This plant will tolerate alkaline, neutral, and mildly acidic soils.
It loves full sun, but will also
grow in semi-shaded locations. Perfect plant to grow in hot, dry and sunny locations. Cooperi Ice will not tolerate permanently wet soils, so avoid that.
Propagation - By division, and very easy. Just pinch an inch or so, long segment of the foliage (most of these segments will already have tiny roots developed), and plant directly in the ground,
that's all.
Other - This beautiful succulent creeper, makes
great ground covers in rock, Mediterranean style, and any garden location that proves too hot, dry, and sunny for many plants. Once settled, Ice Plant will reward your garden with great splash of magenta colored blooms, and most attractive, pale green foliage. Sea side locations, notably our closest one, in the Outer Banks suit these plants well, and there are plenty of them to be seen, there. If water usage may be a concern in your area, then please consider planting Cooperi Ice
Plant, it will not dissapoint you!
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