Hibiscus (Hibiscus syriacus)
Other Names - Rose of Sharon, Shrub Althea, Rose of Althea, Mugunghwa.
Origins - India, China, and other parts of E. Asia.
Type - Perennial (deciduous).
Hardiness (see References, below) - Zones 5 - 9.
Bloom - Summer, Fall.
Approx. 10 ft (3 m).
Cultivation - Full Sun, or partial shade. Ideal, is moist, rich, well drained soil, but it will adapt to various soil types.
Average water needs. Prune for compact shape.
Propagation - By cuttings; by layering, by seeds.
Other - This, Eeast Asia (not Syria) native, attracts birds, particularly hummingbirds. Abundant, and large white, red, purple, mauve, violet, blue, or bi color variety blooms, occur from July, till late September. This national flower of Korea, is perfect for bringing interest to any garden, particularly, small urban one. Hibiscus is great for hedging.
Hibiscus syriacus 'Diana' (pure, white blooms)
...see more interesting cultivars HERE
Hibiscus, - easy to grow, propagate, and great to enjoy!
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