Strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa).
Other Names
Garden Strawberry, Common Strawberry, Cultivated Strawberry.
Woodlands of Northern Hemisphere, and Chile.
Perennial (semi, or evergreen)
Hardiness (see References, below)
Zones 5 - 9.
Bloom - Spring, Summer.
Fruit - Summer.
Approx. up to 10 in (25 cm).
Sun, or partial shade. Likes either neutral or alkaline soils.
Use straw matting for quality harvest.
Easy to grow, does not require much fertilizing, or pest control. More on STRAWBERRY CULTIVATION,
By seed, or easiest by separation of rooted baby plants.

Garden Strawberry originated in 18th century, in America. It was achieved by crossing wild Fragaria virginiana (had good taste), and Fragaria chiloensis (produced large fruit) together.
There are hundreds of different
cultivars to choose from these days. All fruit's enjoyed eaten fresh on its own, sliced, and dehydrated, or saved in preserves, for year round use as jams, jellies, and other preserves. In Eastern Europe fresh fruit is often used as a filling for pierogi (ravioli), and dumplings, and eaten with sweet cream dressing. Leaves of wild strawberry are often used in herbal tea blends, and are particularly good for digestive upsets.

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