Gardeners of Distinction

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Blanc, Patrick (France)
Bridgeman, Charles (Britain)
Brown, Lancelot "Capability" (Britain)
Commerçon, Dr Philibert (France)
Culpeper, Nicholas (Britain)
Evelyn, Joihn (Britain)
Farrand Jones, Beatrix (USA)
Foerster, Karl (Germany)
Forsyth, William (Scotland)
Fortune, Robert (Scotland)
Fuchs, Leonhart (Germany)
Garden, Alexander (Scotland)
Gaultier, Jean, François (Canada)
Jackson Downing, Andrew (USA)
Jekyll, Gertrude (Britain)
Jepherson, Thomas, and his Monticello Gardens (USA)
Kalm, Pehr (Sweden)
Kent, William (Britain)
Le Nôtre, André (France)
Linnaeus, Carl (Sweden)
Nebuchadnezzar II (Babylonia)
Parkinson, John (Britain)
Sackville-West, Vita and Sissinghurst Castle Garden (Britain)
Steele, Fletcher (American)
Zinn, Johann Gottfried (Germany)



Special Thanks
Special Thanks to Town & Country Gardens Contributors:
Rita Crane Photography
Rita Crane, daughter of LIFE magazine photographer Ralph Crane.
Her work can be seen on Flickr at Rita Crane Photography or on her website.

TMR Davies
W.D. Williams

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