Gardenia (Gardenia augusta)
Other Names
Zhi Zi, Common Gardenia, Cape Jasmine, Gardenia 'Variegata'.
Tropical parts of S.E. Asia, and Africa.
Perennial (evergreen).
Hardiness (see References, below) - Zones 7 - 10.
Spring, early Summer, some varieties will bloom in Winter.
Approx. 6 to 40 ft. (2 - 12 m).
Sunny, or partially sunny
exposures, are best.
Well drained soils, rich, sandy, neutral to lightly acidic, are all acceptable.
For compact shape, and more blooms in the next season, prune immediately after flowers fade away, and before new foliage emerges.
Prune last year's growth, only. New growth will produce next years' blooms, so you definitely want to keep not cut it.
Easiest, by taking tip cuttings in Spring. Take 4-5 in. long cuttings, remove leaves from the bottom half, and put the cuttings in a pot of water. They will produce roots within 2 weeks, -just like that!
Incredibly fragrant blooms!
Named after AlexanderGarden , Gardenia is a truly spectacular, and unforgettable plant. Its bold, velvet like, petals, set against deep green foliage, cannot be missed in any garden. Gardenia's fruit, and flowers are edible. Chinese like using petals to flavor their tea.
Sometimes referred to as a 'happiness herb', it is used in traditional Chinese medicine to stimulate liver function, and help relieve symptoms associated with heat, and fever. Gardenia's essential oils have long been used in perfumery, aromatherapy, bath oils, and scented candles. For
- Winter blooms, try: Gardenia 'Veitchii'(='Veitchiana'), for variegated variety try: Gardenia augusta 'Variegata', for dwarf size: Gardenia augusta 'Mystery' (3 ft tall), for hardy variety: G. augusta 'Kleim's Hardy' (down to Zone 6).
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