Apple Geranium (Pelargonium odoratissimum)
Other Names - Apple-Rose Scented Geranium, Scented Geranium, Geranium, Pelargonium.
Origins - South Africa.
Type - Perennial (evergreen).
Hardiness (see References, below)
Outdoors, year-round: Zones 10, and above,
or, grow as annual in most Summer gardens.
or, grow indoors, year-round.
Bloom - Late Spring, will repeat throughout Summer.
Height - Approx. 1 ft (30 cm).
Cultivation - Well drained, neutral, or alkaline soils. Full Sun. Always remove fading
blooms, it will prompt Pelargonium to flower more abundantly, and for longer. Over the time, particularly in the Fall, Pelargoniums tend to look less compact,
and more leggy, and when they do, take it as a sign for you to cut back most of the growth, and use cut stems for Pelargonium propagation.
Propagation - By cuttings. Take 3 inch long cuttings. Remove 1/3 of the bottom foliage, and either leave them in a jar of water, or place your cuttings in a pot of light soil. If in soil, water our Pelargonium as you would your other (rooted) houseplants.
Pelargoniums will produce roots, and growth within next few weeks.
Other - Pelargonium really is the best investment for your money when it comes to acquiring plants. Prettily scented, Pelargonium will grace any home indoors, and in warmer months, outdoors, too. Pelargonium leaves are edible; dried, are sometimes used for flavoring desserts, and drinks. Pelargonium makes great pot pourri material. Herbalists also like to make tonic for various internal conditions.
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