Hyacinth (Hyacinthus orientalis)

Other Names
Common Hyacinth, Dutch Hyacinth, Garden Hyacinth.
Native to Turkey, Middle East, S.W. Asia.
Perennial (herbaceous).
Hardiness (see References, below) - Zones 4 - 9.
Late Winter, Spring.
8 - 10 in (20 - 25 cm).
Cultivation - Sun or semi-shade, rich moist, but well drained soil.
Propagation - By division of offsets in the Fall.
Other - Attractive flower to enjoy; - intensely fragrant, and in great spectrum of color. Immortalised in arts and crafts, Hyacinth's essential oils are greatly appreciated in perfumery. The name comes from Greek mythology (find out more about it in References, below).
Please, note - Hyacinth's bulbs are toxic, keep your children and pets safe from them.
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References - Find more about: Hyacinths from flowerexpert.com, Hardiness Zones
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