Hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla)
Other Names
Bigleaf Hydrangea, Mophead Hydrangea, French Hydrangea, Hortensia.
S. E. Asia, N. America, S. America.
Perennial (deciduous).
Hardiness (see References, below) - Zones 6 - 9.
Spring, Summer, Fall.
Approx. 3 - 6 ft (92 - 183 cm).
Sunny, or semi-shaded locations, and most well drained soils. Extend flowering season by deadheading old blooms. Hydrangeas like pruning. Prune in the Fall after the blooms faded away. If you
decide to prune in the Spring, then cut back branches that produced last year's blooms only, and
keep the new growth (it will produce this year's blooms).
By seed, or by cuttings (take semi-soft cuttings in Summer, and hardwood ones in Winter).
Beautiful blooms, and a great asset in any garden. Blooms come in variety of colors, depending on the level of soil's acidity, so don't be surprised if that pretty pink Hydrangea you planted last season produces blue flowers, only.
Hydrangeas make a good soil type indicator. Acidic soil will make Hydrangea produce blue flowers, neutral soils creamy blooms, and alkaline soils are great for pinks and purples! For added interest try climbing varieties, such as: Hydrangea anomala
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