Common Snowdrop(Galanthus nivalis)
Europe, Asia Minor.
Perennial (herbaceous).
Hardiness (see References, below)
Zones 4 - 7.
January, February, March.
Up to 9 in (20 cm). Cultivation
Full or partial sun, average water needs. Snowdrops like
sun in Winter, and shade during Summer months. Try planting them around deciduous (leafy) trees to provide well for these needs. In addition, their fallen leaves, will also keep Snowdrop bulbs moist, sheltered and thriving.
By division of bulb offsets. Plant late Summer or early
Fall. Snowdrops bulbs like being moist not dry, and will do best planted immediately after acquisition.

Often referred to as Harbingers of Spring, Snowdrops create spectacular displays, year
after year!

A great Winter highlight in any, not just woodland style garden. For unspoiled, snow white blooms, try inter planting them with creeping thyme or other evergreen ground covers.

Bulbs are toxic.
For fragrance, try these varieties:
Galanthus Brenda Troyle
Galanthus S. Arnott

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