Helleborus - Hellebore, Christmas Rose, Lenten Rose

Origins      Mediterranean, Asia Minor, China
Type          Perennial (evergreen)
Hardiness  Zones 3 - 9
Blooms      December till April
Height       2 - 8 in (5 - 20 cm)

Partial or full shade. Moist alkaline or clay soils.

From seeds or by division. Hellebore plant may take a little time to get settled, but when it does it will start self-propagating.

Additional Information about Christmas Rose
In the past, various parts of the plant had been used to make remedies to treat mental disorders. These days, it is found medicinally useful in treating some heart conditions.

Hellebore is toxic, - please, use it as a garden accent, only. It is not suitable for making home-made remedies.

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