Taxus baccata - Yew Tree

Origins       Europe, NW Africa, SW Asia
Type          Perennial (evergreen)
Hardiness   Zone 6
Fruit           Fall, Winter
Height        32 - 65 ft (10 - 20 m)

Sun or shade, well drained soil.

By seeds (not recommended; -it may take several years for a seed to germinate) or by tip cuttings.

Other Information about Yew Tree
Seeds attract birds, especially waxwings and thrushes. Yews are perfect for hedges, topiaries and year-round interest. Because they are toxic, they are pretty much deer and other animals resistant.

This magnificent looking conifer is toxic, particularly its foliage (fresh or dry), and it had been recorded that ancient European warriors chose to poison themselves with yew rather than surrender to the enemy. These days, yew extract is used more constructively in medicine, -to treat cancers, gout, arthritic and urinary problems by professionals. Please, do not use it as a home-made remedy.

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