June To Do

-Fertilize your plants,
-Deadhead (1) annuals,
-Prune camellias (2),
-Mow your lawn (3),
-Prune tomato suckers (4),
-Watch for bugs,
-Plant these (5)
-Plant these in NC,
-enjoy your first Summer harvest!

(1)Petunias, and other annuals will bloom more vigorously, and abundantly, if you'll keep removing blooms that are fading away.
(2)If your camellias, and other Spring flowering trees, and shrubs have stopped blooming, now is a good time to prune the last years growth.
(3)If you live in dry areas, set the mower for the tallest height, -your lawn will be more resistant, that way.
(4)Leave two or three suckers for better yield, remove the rest to keep your plant strong.
(5)Beets, radishes, carrots, and lettuces, pumpkins, beans, peas, and tomato plants can still be planted for later harvest.

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