Magnolia, Tulip Tree

Origins N. S. America, S.E. Asia
Type     Perennial (deciduous)
Hardiness Zones 4 - 9
Bloom  Late Winter - Summer
Height  10 - 7 0ft (3 - 20 m)

Sun or semi-shade, rich neutral to acid soils. Needs protection from cold. Magnolia virginiana will tolerate wet soil.

By cuttings (take green ones in early Summer, and semi-ripe in late Summer, early Fall).

One of the most attractive flowering trees to enjoy. Fragrant blooms! Great variety of colors, shapes, and sizes to choose from.

Extract of flowers, flower buds, and bark have long been used in traditional and standard medicine to combat fevers, colds, allergies, bacteria and digestive problems.

Please, note -
Not all magnolias are tolerant zones 4-9. See References below, NC State University lists several popular varieties of magnolias, with great pictures and detailed fact sheets for each type.

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References - Find more about: Magnolias from NC State University, Hardiness Zones
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