(Nigella damascena).
Other Names
Love-in-the-mist, Nigella, Devil in the Bush.
Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East.
Type - Annual.
Hardiness (see References, below)
Not applicable, will grow in most Summer gardens.
Late Spring, Summer, early Fall.
6 - 15 in (15 - 38 cm).
Average water, and soil needs. Once established, it will easily self sow, season, after season.
By seeds.

Lightly fragrant blooms.
Perfect cottage, herb, kitchen, and Islamic garden plant. Comes in various shades of near white, pink, purple, and blue colors.

Fragrance of its essential oils is comonly used in production of various cosmetics.

Closely related, Nigella sativa's seeds have got household (moth repellent), culinary (peppery spice, known as Black Cumin, or Kalaunji, and used for bread, korma, and masala seasoning), and medicinal (popular remedy for many complaints in the East) use.

For blue flowers, try: 'Miss Jekyll'
For pink variety, try: 'Persian Rose'
For multi color, try: 'Persian Jewels'
For dwarf variety, try: 'Dwarf Moody Blue'

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