October TO DO

-Tidy your garden(1)
-Harvest Summer root vegetables(2)
-Cover rhubarb
-Winterize frost tender plants(3)
-Mulch garden plants(4)
-plant bulbs(5)
-tidy your lawns(6)
-propagate shrubs by layering(7)
-inspect shrubs, and trees for signs of disease(8)
-harvest pears, and pecans
-get your Halloween displays ready
-Enjoy the Fall!

-(1) Rake fallen leaves, and either add them to the compost heap, or bury them in the ground that was left to rest over Winter.
(2)Root vegetables, such as carrots, beets, potatoes, and onions, are best lifted and stored in cool, dry, dark places, indoors.
(3)Plants such as caladiums, dahlias, and gladiolas, are best lifted off the ground, cleaned, and stored in cool, dry, and dry places, indoors.
(4)Frost hardy plants, that are to be left outside, will do better mulched, now.
(5)Plant tulip, and other Winter/Spring flowering bulbs, now.
(6)Rake off fallen leaves, and branches. Sow grass seeds in bare patches.
(7)Shrubs that grew leggy branches, can be propagated by layering. It will multiply your favorite plants, without stressing the mother plant. Simply, gently press these branches, then remove foliage where they come to contact with soil. Cover these areas with a little more soil on top, and weigh with a brick, to keep these branches in place. They will root, and be ready to be detached, and planted in the Spring.
Try this on roses, lavenders, hollies, and any other plants you may have and want to try to multiply this way.
(8)Remove dead tops of your asparagus plants. Prune dead, dying, or diseased branches of shrubs, and trees. Avoid over pruning, since it may promote growth, too tender to withstand Winter chills.
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Rita Crane, daughter of LIFE magazine photographer Ralph Crane. Her work can be seen on Flickr at Rita Crane Photography or on her website., W.D. Williams

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