Tea Olive Tree
(Osmanthus fragrans)
Other Names - Tea Olive, Fragrant Olive, Fragrant Tea Olive, Fragrant Tea Olive, tree, Sweet Olive.
Origins - Pakistan, Himalaya, China, Taiwan, Japan
Type - Perennial (evergreen).
Hardiness (see References, below) - Zones 7 - 10.
Bloom - Late Summer, Fall, Winter.
Height - Approx. up to 20 ft (6 m).
Cultivation - Full Sun, or partial shade. Average water needs. Acidic to neutral, rich well drained soils. Prune for compact shape.
Propagation - By cuttings.
Other - While its common name may imply it; Tea Olive Tree is not really related to true Olive (Olea europaea).
In any case, and weather
permitting, if you can, include this handsome, and beautifully fragrant evergreen, in your garden. It will cheer it up when it's needed most, throughout Fall, and Winter time.
In its home location, blooms are often used in flavoring teas, soups, and other food products.
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