May, Busy Month in the Garden!

Consider these:
_-Apply fertilizers,
_-Take cuttings for rooting,
_-Sow Beans, Peas, Corn, Beets,
_-Sow Squash, Zucchini,
_-Sow Cucumber, and Melon,
_-Sow Basil, and other herbs,
_-Plant Onions, and Potatoes,
_-Plant Cabbage, and Cauliflower,
_-Plant Tomato, and other tender plants, if you are passed frosts (see References, below).
_-Plant these in North Carolina,
_-Sow tender annual flowers,
_-Put straw around strawberries,
_-Thin germinated seedlings,
_-Populate your pond with aquatic annuals, and other plants,
_-Prune Forsythias,
_-Keep flies away by planting
containers with Lavender, Mint, Geranium, and Basil next to your windows, and doorways,
...and don't forget to...
Tidy your patio!
If you have a small patio area, that needs TLC, why not draw some inspiration from the San Francisco Garden Show's patio solution (see picture, right)?

Add more seating, and install a waterfall to bring breeze to enjoy, during long, and hot Summer days!

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References - Find out what's your area's last frost dates
Special Thanks
Special Thanks to Town & Country Gardens Contributors: blogger, bulabean, dive-angel (Karin), flickr, Jasmine&Roses, Rita Crane Photography. Rita Crane, daughter of LIFE magazine photographer Ralph Crane. Her work can be seen on Flickr at Rita Crane Photography or on her website., TMR Davies, Victory Seeds, W.D. Williams

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