Propagating ABC - Basil

True kitchen, and garden essential (read more, here...).
Basil's natural habitat is tropical, yet, because it does not require lots of time to reach maturity, this useful annual will successfully grow in most Summer gardens, anywhere. It will also grow well indoors, year round!

For best results, start your Basil plants from seeds, indoors. This is how to do it:
(1) Acquire Basil seeds of your choice.
(2) Find suitable container.
Medium sized terracotta, or plastic pot will be fine, or if you happen to have purpose made, propagating trays, etc., use these.
(3) Fill your propagating pot with soil; -you do not need to have lots of it, however, do make sure that it's of quality, choose light and fluffy, one. Do
not put too much soil. Lots of soil in a deep pot, will encourage Basil to grow longer roots, and make your transplanting more difficult,
later on.
(4) With your hand, first, distribute, then gently press Basil seeds into the soil, to bring them both to a better contact.
Basil seeds do not need to be covered with soil, to germinate, well.
(5) Very Relevant
Situate your start up pot in a warm, draft free, sunny location.
Best germination temperature will be that of 70F (21C). Lower
temperatures will result in lower germination rates.
(6) Using spray bottle, regularly spray top of the pot, to keep soil lightly moist, but not dripping wet.
(7) Basil seeds will germinate well (80-90%) in 7-14 days.
Once they do, begin watering Basil plants gently, with watering can.
If you happen to to live in frost free area, or last frost date is well behind you, then sow your Basil seeds directly outdoors. Basil we grow outdoors (hardiness zone 7), will always leave lots of seeds on the ground, some of which, will germinate, each year, which is rather convenient.
Three things Basil does not like:
(1) Lack of Sun.
(2) Cold.
(3) Too much water, and lack of Sun, and cold, at the same time; -- so try to avoid these!
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