Propagating ABC - Chives, Onion & Garlic

Onion, and Garlic Chives are propagated the same way. Here is how to do it.
(1) Acquire Chive seeds (collect them from mother plant, or get them from the store).
(2) Distribute, and then gently press the seeds to the potted soil.
Sprinkle with water, and let the nature do the rest.
You can propagate Chives from seed in a pot, indoors, all year round, but it is not really necessary.
Chives are pretty much frost hardy, and they will germinate easily outdoors.
If you planted seeds in early Spring, you will see them germinated that very season.
Fall collected, and sown seeds will usually wait till the following Spring to germinate. Plants that germinated, are very tiny. It is OK. Chives take couple of years to reach mature size. Once established,
propagate Chives by division.
This method is best done in late Summer, or early Fall, after your Chive plant went to seed, but still retains its foliage.
(1) Remove clump of Garlic (or Onion) Chives.
(2) Separate the chives, ensuring that each of them has some roots attached.
(3) Plant 2/3 of the pale, bottom part in the soil. Water well.
Cut off most of the foliage, and let the nature to do its job over the Winter season.
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