Golden Rod
(Solidago canadensis)
Other Names - Goldenrod, Common Goldenrod, Canada Goldenrod, Tall Goldenrod.
Origins - North America.
Type - Perennial (herbaceous).
Hardiness (see References, below) - Zones 3 - 9.
Bloom - Late Summer, early
Approx. 2 - 6 ft (60 - 180 cm).
Cultivation - Easy; most soil types, average water needs, sunny or semi-shaded locations.
Propagation - By seeds; by rhizome division.
Other - This native American plant makes spectacular early Fall sites to enjoy in meadow, and wildflower garden settings. Sometimes referred to as an invasive weed, this is actually a useful plant. It is a primary source of nectar to Monarch, other butterflies, insects, and birds. Goldenrod plant parts are edible, and are sometimes used to make home made remedies for coughs, infections, bites, etc.
I just love to dry blooming stems, and enjoy them, at home, as dry flower arrangements.
Goldenrod - easy maintenance, useful plant.
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