Rowan Tree (Sorbus commixta)
Other Names - Japanese Rowan, Japanese Mountainash, Mountain Ash, Chinese Scarlet Rowan.
Origins - Far East of Russia, China, Korea, Japan.
Type - Perennial (deciduous).
Hardiness (see References, below) - Zones 5 - 8.
Bloom - Early Summer.
Fruit - Fall.
Approx. 30 ft (9 m).
Cultivation - Pollution tolerant, perfect in urban setting with full Sun exposure. Rowan likes moist, but well drained soils.
Propagation - By cuttings; by grafting, by seeds.
Other - Attractive medium sized, no maintenance tree. Leaves turn into flame-like, spectacular multicolor Fall display. Pretty red berries, attract animals, and birds, particularly in Winter.
CAUTION - Berries have some medicinal properties, but are not recommended for human consumption.
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