Sushi - Maki Style

Sushi and sashimi are quite popular on our menu. North Carolina deep sea fishing provides not just lot's of fun, but also great variety of top quality seafood, notably tuna.

This recipe calls for smoked salmon, which is handy when we run out of tuna, or happen to have guests who hesitate eating raw fish.



1 packet, smoked salmon cut into thin strips,
1 medium sized, salad cucumber, seeds removed, cut into thin strips,
1 ready to eat, yet still firm avocado, peeled and cut into thin strips,
1 cup cooked and cooled "sushi" rice (e.g. Nishiki brand), see cooking instructions on the packaging.
2 Tbsp, rice vinegar,
4 sheets of Roasted Seaweed for wrapping,
Soy Sauce,
Wasabi Paste,
Pickled ginger (optional)

1 large size chopping board, or other clean, comfortable and smooth surface.
1 bamboo mat for forming perfect sushi rolls, we have one, but I used a single bamboo skewer before and results were just as good (see picture at the top of this recipe)
1 very sharp knife for cutting sushi rolls,
dishes for serving seasoning sauce, sushi rolls and ginger,

(1) Cook rice as per instructions on the packaging. Remove to a mixing bowl. Season with rice vinegar and let it cool.
(2) Take one wrapper, put it on the bamboo mat. Make a vertical layer of rice,
topped by strips of salmon, cucumber and avocado on the wrapper.
(3) Using mat shape it into a roll. Moisten basting brush in water and wet edge
of the wrapper to help it seal well and keep nice shape.
(4) Cut sushi roll into 5-6 smaller ones and continue making sushi till ingredients are all utilized.
(5) Pour little soy sauce into a shallow bowl and mix it with wasabi paste and use it as dipping sauce for your sushi rolls.

Pickled ginger is usually used as a condiment to cleanse one's palette between eating different types of sushi. I like it even if it's served with just one type, though.

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