Wisteria frutescens, sinensis, floribunda - American, Chinese, Japanese wisteria

Origins  S.E. USA, S.E. Asia
Type Perennial (deciduous)
Hardiness Zones 5 - 9
Bloom Spring, Summer
Height 50 ft. (15 m)

Grow in full sun, semi, or full shade. Wisteria will tolerate most,
well drained, slightly acidic to neutral, soils. Wisterias are good growers, but may initially need a little while to settle down, and spread the roots.

By seed (may take months to germinate), or by tip cuttings (take these in early Summer), or easiest, by layering (do it in the Spring).

Perfect woodland garden plant.
This spectacular vine belongs to pea family, and just like peas, it has got ability to improve nitrogen content in the soil.
Wisteria looks great supported by large trees, pergolas, other, sturdy supports. Kentucky
Wisteria is a more fragrant variety. Asian varieties have longer blooms, and blooming season. Caution - seeds are poisonous, if taken internally.

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