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From my garden here, in beautiful North Carolina to all the fellow gardeners in America and around the world.

Creating a garden of any type, shape or size may not necessarily be an easy task, - it is however, a most rewarding one, I find.

Regular, physical work gives that good old feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Gardens have no sell-by date;

they do not go out of fashion.
Instead, they influence individual followers and sometimes, whole generations.

As gardens mature, each season brings new highlights that stimulate senses and break down monotony of daily existence.

From the Biblical Garden of
Eden, flamboyant Hanging Gardens of Babylon, formal and spiritual gardens of Europe and Far East, through to simplest, humblest, and yet, practical kitchen patches full of tomatoes and other daily staples, - gardens are an unique way of personal expression, that defines our
cultures and civilizations.

Most of all, no matter
what they are called, gardens are made to be enjoyed not just by their creators, but by all of us, family members, friends, passers by.

Is gardening close to your heart?

Whether you already grow your own garden, or have just begun thinking of having one, one day – Town & Country Gardens forum would be delighted to have you join our company.
Why not, share thoughts, practical knowledge and stories from your garden with other like-minded souls.
Let’s grow!
-together we can make a difference.

Town & Country Gardens (TCG)

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