Brunswick Stew

Winter favorites are often hearty meals, such as Brunswick Stew.

Here, in Virginia and North Carolina, -it is one of the seasonal staples. From Fall, and all through the Winter, Brunswick Stew happens to be the meal one makes, - be it to feed family or raise money for local Fire Department.

Like with other, extremely popular dishes, recipes vary from home to home. Chicken, venison, turkey, sometimes pork, rabbit and even squirrel can all be used in Brunswick Stew, depending on local area's preferences.In our case, we love to use our own home canned tomatoes. Home comfort food at its best, easy to make and delicious. Recipe below, calls for cooked, leftover turkey meat.

Ingredients (Makes 22 cups of stew).
5 cups turkey meat, cooked and cut into medium sized chunks,
2 cups celery stalks, chopped,
1 onion, chopped,
4 cups tomatoes (canned), chopped,
4 cups Lima beans,
2 (15 ½ oz.) cans of cream style corn,
4 cups potatoes, washed, peeled, and cubed,
3 bay leaves,
1 Tbsp olive oil,
8 cups stock (see Bone Soup & Stock),
1 bunch fresh parsley, chopped,
salt, pepper to taste,

(1) Warm olive oil and begin sauteing by adding onions. Let them sweat for a few minutes, then add potatoes, Lima beans, tomatoes and parsley.
(2) Cover the vegetables with stock and simmer for about 30-40 minutes.
(3) Add turkey meat and cream style corn to the stew. Bring to boil, then reduce the heat and simmer for a little longer.
(4) Season, cool, refrigerate.

Please, note: - it is not customary to serve stew the same day, it was cooked. As grandma used to put it, -it improves with age. Best serve it the following day (after it's been refrigerated over night, first).

Re-heat desired portions, and serve with cheese crackers, garlic bread, salad, etc., and freeze rest of the batch for future use.

Other Notes
(1) If you are not familiar with cups, assume an empty, 15 ½ oz. size can to have 2 cups capacity (1 cup=8oz.)

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