Lamb's Ears
Stachys byzantina (syn. Stachys lanata).
Other Names
Lamb's Ear, Silky Fleece, Woolly Betony.
Asia Minor, South Asia.
Perennial (evergreen)
Hardiness (see References, below)
Late Spring, Summer.
Up to 3 ft (90 cm).
Sunny locations, average water needs. Does not have high need for nitrogen, high
humidity or heat.

We grow our plants around deciduous (leafy) tree trunks, they seem to love it, and keep their growth area completely
weed free!
Easiest, by plant division. Once settled Lamb's Ears will spread forming beautiful, neat looking carpet of foliage. Just take small part of the rooted foliage and plant it where desired.

One of the most pleasant plants to touch. It's silvery, velvet like, soft foliage is great with everybody, particularly children.

From Romans to Colonials, parts of this great plant had important practical applications. Foliage was commonly used as dressing for cuts, roots (consumed) had emetic effect.
Lamb's Ears are easy to grow, they keep weeds at bay, and their unusual, year round foliage, makes them desirable in any garden.

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