Building bird, and bathouses

Apart from making plans for this, incoming season's garden layout, and contents, a few other, also related, D.I.Y. projects would be well timed, to undertake in January.
Why not, consider building a few bird, and bat houses?
Bat houses are worth having. Bat population is in decline, and whether it's farmers, gardeners, or nature lovers' perspective, this is not a good thing.
Bats are useful, in season, they can eat 500-1000 mosquitoes a day. They also like including other insects we do not consider useful in their diet. Bat houses are easy to make, SEE HOW.
Garden without birds would be a sad place. We need birds, to help manage its growth,
insect population, and of course we love listening to birds singing.
Birdhouses are lots of useful fun to make. Best involve your children, during construction, decoration, and of course putting them up, later. This fun activity, will help them learn some useful birds' facts and habits, too.
Building Bluebird Birdhouse
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