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With Christmas, and New Year's party time over, some of us gardeners may be "blessed" with collection of by products, such as empty wine bottles, and wooden crates.
Town & Country Gardens, proposed one good use for empty wine bottles, in its July, Beautify Me, Please! section; - below, are a few ideas for utilising empty, wooden wine crates.
1. Shed's storage.
Filled with sand, they are perfect for storing root vegetables, and flower bulbs, over Winter. Filled with newspapers, they will make good home for apples.
2. Shed's shelving.
Easy, just mount them vertically on top of each other, and secure with screws. They will be great for books, seed packets, etc.
3. Hens' boxes.
Let your chickens enjoy fancy new beds. Simply fill them with straw, and let them lay eggs, there.
4. Re-face your working counter, or kitchen table.
5. Use them as gardener shed's flooring.
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