Sustainable Food, -Club Reclusive, Exclusive or Inclusive?

What is sustainable food? -a new idea, a fad, perhaps?
Neither new, nor a fad; sustainable food is the one, produced with help of Nature, and seasoned with a pinch of good, old, common sense. It requires less cultivation and yields better crops. Egyptians, Mesopotamians, and other great cultures, and civilizations did it by growing food on fertile banks of river Nile, Tigris, and the Euphrates, rather than in the middle of Sahara Desert, or someplace, else.
My father in law does it, too. He calls it "finding "sweet spots" in a garden; -no matter how small, it will always have "sweet spots" for growing one thing, and not the other. Sustainable is a very healthy attitude to life, and consumption; it means less disappointment and more reward. Lack of it affects us all, already.While it's nice to see imported, specialty goods, around, it is hard to understand why, lettuce in one's local store comes from different countries, and continents, rather than from farm next door. Have we forgotten how to grow it? Did we really need to chop off that Amazon Rainforest, to grow more of it there, not here? Is displaced, and forceful agriculture good for all of us, or just a few "grand plan" visionaries, with oversized egos? The simple answer to these is: no, no, and no.
Why not cherish diversity, Nature, and ourselves, again? Let's support, and enjoy locally grown produce, first; - it's fresher, more nutritious, and cheaper to produce. It is better for us, and the environment.

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