Adonis, Spring Adonis, False Hellebore

Origins Europe & Asia
Type Perennial (herbaceous)
Hardiness Zones 4 - 7
Bloom  Late Winter, Spring
Height 4 - 15 in (10 - 40 cm)

Sun or semi-shade. Light soil with good drainage. Adonis plants like shelter provided either through mulching or fallen leaves, in the neighborhood of deciduous trees. May need protection from slugs and snails (attract, or rather, distract these with beer). By the end of Summer, Adonis plants will go to rest.
Flowers, leaves and stalks will effectively disappear, till their next growing season in late Winter. So, remember to mark your plants before it happens, and avoid any accidental damage.

By division in early Fall.

Pretty, desirable bloom, named after Adonis, handsome youth from Greek myth, (see more information in References, below). This charming little plant has medicinal uses in treatment of certain heart conditions. It is not however, suitable for home made remedies, professional use only. Best, grow for spectacular garden displays. Some countries have legal restrictions on growing these plants. Check your local regulations, to avoid disappointment.

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