Italian Arum (Arum italicum)

Other Names
Cuckoo Pint, Lords-and-Ladies, Orange Candleflower.
Origins - Europe.
Perennial (herbaceous).
Hardiness (see References, below) - Zones 5 - 9.
Interest - Attractive, variegated foliage in late Winter, bloom in the Spring, fruit in Summer and Fall.
Height - 6 - 12 in (15 - 30 cm).
Cultivation - Sun for better blooms; semi-shade for foliage, rich neutral to acidic soils. Regular clump division required.
Propagation - By clump division.
Other - For extended interest, inter plant with hostas.
Please, note - Arums make great woodland plants; -particularly in temperate climates. Hot climates may promote vigorous growth, though. Handle with care, parts of this beautiful plant may cause skin irritation. Grow as a garden accent, only.
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