Chilled Zucchini Soup

Zucchinis (and their blooms) are a "must have" in any kitchen garden.
Easy to grow, and great to eat; fried, baked, or cooked. This recipe is one of our favorites, particularly on a hot Summer day. It freezes well, too.

Ingredients - (Approx. 8 cups).
2 large onions, peeled, and chopped,
2-3 medium sized zucchinis (5-6 cups), diced,
3 tbsp, fresh Rosemary, chopped
3 sprigs, fresh Basil,
2 tbsp, Olive oil,
2 tbsp, butter,
water, salt, pepper, curry powder, lemon wedges.

(1) Warm Olive oil in a casserole-style pan, on Medium heat.
(2) Add chopped onions, season with salt, and cook covered, for 5 minutes (till they start looking soft, and translucent).
(3) Add chopped rosemary, butter, and diced zucchini to the casserole. Mix well, cover, and leave the mixture sweating for about 10 minutes.
(4) Pour cold water over onion-zucchini mixture, enough to cover it, only.
(5) Bring to boil, then turn the temperature down to Simmer, and cook for another 30 minutes.
(6) Take the soup off the fire, let it cool, then blend, and pass it through the sieve to keep it nice. Taste, and season it with salt pepper and a teaspoon (or two) of Curry powder.
(7) Finely shred basil leaves, and promptly mix them with the soup. Refrigerate till nicely chilled.
Serving -
Serve chilled. It's great with freshly squeezed lemon. Some like it with a drop or two of Tabasco. Perfect light meal starter - Bon Appetit!
Other Notes
(0_) If that's what you have dried rosemary is just as good, but halve the amount.
(00_) I would not recommend replacing fresh with dry basil. If you have other fresh herbs, such as mint, parsley or cilantro (coriander), use them instead.
(000) For richer/more substantial version, substitue water with chicken stock.
(1) If you are not familiar with cups, assume an empty, 15 ½ oz. size can to have 2 cups capacity (1 cup =8oz. =227g.),
tsp. = teaspoon,
tbsp. = tablespoon,
1lb = 453 grams
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