False Curry Plant
(Helichrysum italicum, Helichrysum angustifolium)
Other Names - Curry Plant, Immortelle, Everlasting Flower
Origins - Southern Europe, and the Mediterranean.
Perennial (evergreen).
Hardiness (see References, below) - Zones 7-9.
Bloom - Summer.
Approx. up to 2 ft (60 cm).
This plant loves Sun, but will also grow in semi-shaded locations in light, well drained soils. While Helichrysum italicum does not like excessive amounts of moisture, it is
drought tolerant. For compact
shape, prune in late Winter, and early Spring (before new growth emerges).
Propagation - By stem cuttings, by division, and by seeds.
Other - While not related to true Curry (Murraya koenigii), Helichrysum italicum's deep aroma does
match well that of curry spice. Most of sources I came across state that this plant is hardy for zones 8-9. I cultivate it for the last 4
years in the middle of zone 7, and it does rather well. Cold, late Winter chills we had this year went temporarily down to 10F, and while other plants such as Gardenia, and Fig suffered pretty badly, our Curry
plant did really well. Both, attractive, soft silver foliage and mellow-yellow blooms are aromatic, and their essential oil has application in perfumery and commercial drinks, and
foods production. Blooms dry well, and are useful in potpourri, and other floral arrangements. They are also used to make herbal teas. Leaves are good for adding curry aroma to rice, vegetable, cheese, egg, and mayonnaise dishes. Plant's essential oil is anti-inflammatory, and anti fungicidal, which makes it useful in soothing various skin conditions.
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References - Find more about Hardiness Zones
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