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April happens to be quite a pivotal month.
The weather may still cause havoc with last frosts, flooding, and gusty winds, yet, seasonal change has unmistakably occurred, and the Snow Queen withdrew to her palace, for a while.
The Spring is here! Our April poetical selection, reflects this, rather well.
We've got Spring classic, by Percy Bysshe Shelley, and a contemporary, also great, poem by C. A. Potter, to enjoy.
See our regular features, such as in, and outdoor 'To Do'. Useful, and perhaps inspirational tips, are there, to be found, to apply in your own garden.
Basil's this month's classic herb covered in our Kitchen Garden series.
Informative, and useful? -we hope.
If you haven't grown Basil yet, you simply must try it now. It's easy, and incredibly rewarding. See, Propagate Basil section, for details.
There are new, Beautify Me, Please!, Consider This..., and Gardener's Sources... sections, for you to discover, too.
Last, yet not least; bigger than ever, What's Cooking selection, that drew inspiration from herbs and greens, we all love to grow.
If you like this issue, then why not get involved, even more? Share your nature, garden, and craft inspired works, and knowledge. See, Feedback below, for contact details. We would love to hear from you!
Till next month, we leave you with this thought:
"That God once loved a garden we learn in Holy writ.
And seeing gardens in the Spring I well can credit it."- Winifred Mary Letts
Thank you, for your support!
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