Waldorf Salad

This American classic is easy to make. It's healthy, fulfilling, and great to enjoy any day, any time!

Ingredients - (Makes 4 cups).
1 cup, walnuts (or pecans), lightly toasted
1 cup, celery stalks, diced
1 cup, red, seedless grapes, halved
1 cup, apples, cored, and diced
1 lemon
a few pretty lettuce leaves
light mayonnaise
salt & pepper

(1) Place nuts, celery, grapes, and apples in a bowl.
(2) Squeeze lemon over the mixture.
(3) Add a few tablespoons of mayonnaise, just enough to coat the ingredients.
(4) Taste, then season with pepper, and salt (if necessary).
(5) Chill, and serve.
Serve dressed with lettuce leaves. It's perfect to eat on its own, but it is also nice with a few slices of chicken, or turkey.
Other Notes
(1) If you are not familiar with cups, assume an empty, 15 ½ oz. size can to have 2 cups capacity (1 cup =8oz. =227g.),
tsp = teaspoon,
tbsp = tablespoon,
1lb = 453 grams
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