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Vertical Gardens

Whether Man, or Nature made,
- these gardens have long, and established history.

Town & Country Gardens has recently included two vertical gardening solutions (see April, Beautify Me Please!, and Consider This..., features).

Vertical garden style, illustrated here, drew its inspiration from spectacular looking cliff sites, one enjoys seeing in many parts of our beautiful planet.

Patrick Blanc, French botanist who created this captivating
impression, has certainly challenged traditional way of thinking about gardening.

This vertical garden uses very little space, yet it is vast!
Metal frame, PVC plate, and felt are used instead of soil.

Watering, and fertilizing system drips from above. It feeds the plants, and any access that gathers at the bottom, (economically) gets re-circulated over, and over, again.

Mur Vegetal (Green Wall) makes striking gardening statement, particularly in urban areas, that cry out for refreshing tranquility, and stylistic definition.

These gardens are perfect indoor, on patios, balconies, and outdoor building walls.

Got inspired?
-I did!

See YouTube's Vertical Garden HOW TO, illustration by hippophagy
Read more on Vertical Gardens Wikipedia
See Patrick Blanc's website, dedicated to vertical gardening.

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