Propagating ABC - Mint

Mint is easy to grow, in most climatic zones (read its Profile, here). The least fussy propagation is that done by division. Here is how you do it.

(1) Find Mint grower (many people grow it), and ask for a rooted piece of their plant. Most won't mind; it will help them keep it manageable, size-wise). It will also be good for you, too (since you'll be getting a free plant, that is already rooted).

(2)Cut back tops of your Mint plant, to promote prettier, more compact shape.

(3)Plant it in a container.

If you would rather plant it directly in the ground, then first designate a small patch of land, clean it out of any weeds, and finally, plant your Mint there.

Please, remember, the more Sun exposure it will get, the more fragrant it will be.

Mint is not fussy. It will settle with minimum interference,
-just keep the weeds away!

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