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January To Do...
* Service the tools.
* Test, and condition the soil, add lime to your vegetable patch.
* Plant bare-root trees, shrubs, and vines (1).
* Plant Horseradish root (1).
* Force Rhubarb.
* Plant Asparagus.
* Milder climates; sow seeds, last week in February:
* Milder climates, plant these plants, last week in February(1): Cauliflower, Cabbage family, Kale, Lettuce,Potatoes,
* Mulch garden, to keep off frost bites.
* Minimize plant damage, shake off the snow.
* Use wood ashes, to condition your garden soil (2).
* Insulate cold frames with mulch, polystyrene, or other suitable insulator, make coldframe lid covers, too.
Plant these in NC
(1) this of course can be done, as soon as you can work the soil.
(2) Moderate use of wood ashes will condition the soil with potassium, phosphorus and other nutrients.
It will also neutralize acidic soils, which is great for some plants. Woodland plants, such as Rhododendron, Blueberry, Juniper, Mountain Laurel, Heather, Azalea, Holly, etc., do actually like acidic soil, so please avoid putting wood ashes next to these plants.
Ashes from any treated wood are not suitable, because they may contaminate soil and plants with heavy metals and other harmful components. Use untreated wood ashes, only.
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