(Hippeastrum elegans)
Other Names - Amarylis.
Origins - South, and Central America.
Type - Perennial (semi, evergreen, herbaceous)
Hardiness (see References, below) - Indoors -year round,
Outdoors - will perennialize from Zone 7.
Bloom - Potted, -Wintertime,, Outdoors, through other seasons. Height - Approx. 1 ft (30cm).
Cultivation - Detailed instructions on indoor cultivation, here. If you live in Zone 7 or above, you can plant Amaryllis directly outdoors. Amaryllis likes Sun, and most, fertile, well drained soils. Do outdoor planting after the danger of frost is gone, late Spring. Cut off wilted blooms, but leave the foliage, and plant directly in your flower border. They will build strong root system, and bulbs, through Summer, and early Fall. Foliage will die during Winter. It will come back with blooms, in the Spring. When bulbs produce off shots, divide, and use some for potted Christmas planting, indoors, for free.
Propagation - Very easy, by bulb division
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References - Find more about Hardiness Zones
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