Kissed by a thousand droplets
That drift gentle on the air
To form a rainbow spray, oh so beautiful to wear
The weight she has to carry
Bend her boughs of yellow hue
Reflecting all her pompoms
In the early morning dew
Mimosa oh Mimosa
How prettily you dance to the rhythm of the waterfall
Whose droplets you enhance
A symphony created
As gushing torrents flow
Beating upon boulders, riding pebbles as they go
Tossing in the air a myriad of notes
That brush aside lush grasses, gentle movement to evoke
Mimosa oh Mimosa
Heaven sent in golden gown
Dust the world with pollen
As we in your perfume drown
(By C.A.Potter)
Great poetry by C. A. Potter, our regular, TCG contributor.
Her latest book, MY PORTUGESE BUTTERFLY GARDEN is available now!
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