Thunberg's Meadowsweet (Spiraea thunbergii)
Other Names
Baby's Breath Spiraea, Thunberg Spiraea, Yuki-Yanigi, Breath of Spring Spiraea .
Japan, China, and S.E. Asia.
Perennial (deciduous).
Hardiness (see References,
below) - Zones 4 - 9.
March, April, May, June.
Approx. up to 6 ft (1.8 m).
Apart from wet, most soils. Sunny to semi-shaded locations.
Will tolerate dry conditions.
Although pruning is not essential, it can be done to keep your Spiraea shrub in
neat shape. Do it after flowering stopped.
PropagationBy cuttings (take these in Summer), or by layering (do it in Winter).
Fragrant, spectacular bloom. Other interesting varieties, variegated form: Spiraea thunbergii 'Mount Fuji', pink blooms: Spiraea thunbergii 'Pink Fujino', double blooms: Spiraea thunbergii 'Yat Sabusa'
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